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Here are the submission guidelines:

  • 400-700 words (no worries if you go above word limit) 
  • .doc format
  • Style of writing: story-narrative, academic writing, opinion pieces, policy recommendations, advice columns.


  1. Teaching Abroad: topics include experiences teaching abroad, advice from teachers on lesson planning/classroom management, cultural acclimation, the gap year myth. 
  2. Policies/Programs: topics include high school programs such as IB and AP, accelerated learning programs, ESL/ELL, Sex-Ed policies, policy reforms.
  3. Post-Secondary Education: topics include undergraduate experiences, graduate experiences, career planning, extracurricular programs. 
  4. Tips for Success: topics include tips on application writing, acing interviews, how to choose future career path, high school to university transitions, 
  5. Opinions: topics include opinions on academia, current educational policies (comparative international policies), personal experiences in schooling system, mental health.