Invest in Yourself: Advices for Recent Grads

There are no right or best choices in life. With every option in front of you after graduation, there will always be different risks and benefits. There are different people to meet and work with, skills to learn, and ways to develop. My advice is to think about the big picture: think about what you’re naturally interested in and what you’re good at.

3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was A First Year

It probably goes without saying that a major source of anxiety for many graduating undergrads is “where do I go from here?”. It is always good to start thinking about career trajectory early and plan for the long term, but is planning everything?

Classroom Management: Tips and Tricks

The woes for both first time teachers and experienced teachers alike: how to properly control an uncontrollable class. Sometimes it might just be one troublemaker who seemed to know exactly where to poke your nerves, sometimes it’s the entire class, most of the times it’s just one bad bad day that leaves you worn and exhausted and regretting all your life choices. How to combat disruptive behaviors? Read on to find out!